Third transnational meeting in Palermo

On 7th – 9th June 2019 the partners of So.Net project had the third transnational meeting in Italy, Palermo.
During the meeting they had the opportunity to discuss the state of the project and to discover the experience of integration and sport inclusion in Palermo. Also in the last meeting the coordinator association organized a sport event with youth centers, centers for migrants, sport organizations, clubs, volunteers and non profit organizations at “Parco della Salute”, in order to create an occasion for the network associations to meet each other and to present the So.Net project.

Working meeting
The partners discussed all the topics concering to the state of the project activities, number of sport organizations’ members of the network, numbers of migrant minors reached thanks to the network, opinions and suggestions for next steps and future initiatives, presentation of the follow-up project Re.So.Net. and preparation of documents and reports for the final evaluation of the project.