Second Transnational Meeting – Maribor, Slovenia

The Slovenian team of Javnizavodcenterzamlade – CEZAM hosted the second transnational meeting of the So.Net. project, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of European Union, and realized by project coordinator A.S. G. Verga Palermo with Euromed Carrefour Sicilia, School of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Thessaly , Javnizavodcenterzamlade – CEZAM as partners.
The meeting took place from November 29th to December 1st all over Slovenia, discovering the country and his cities (Maribor, Bled, Ljubjana) and his approach with migrants.
The first activity was the working meeting at Mercure Hotel, Maribor: subject of the morning session were basically the presentation of the results of the survey conducted in each country about the migrants access to sports.
Every team presented their sample and offered a good point of view of the results that opened everyone’s eyes about the context in each country. Then the meeting addressed about the interaction with sports clubs, to create the local network to make easier migrants’ sport access. In the end, the dates of the next info-days and events and themes related to the dissemination of So.Net.
were discussed by the partners.
After the meeting the Slovenian partners took the group to a Maribor Elementary School to see an example of best practice: the football match between students of the school (a local team and a team of migrants), an entertaing and pleasant moment with kids. The visiting teams also looked around the school, to satisfy every curiousity about the education system in Slovenia.
Two other examples of best practices took place in the afternoon, when the team travelled to “Branik Maribor City Center”, the local Olympic swimming pool, a very organized and always renovating venue with many different-sized polls and a very structured system to educate youngsters to swim.
Then they moved to Ruše to visit the CEZAM Ruše Sport Park: the center hosts a great number of activities, as gym, swimming pool, bowling and also an ice-skating area, a polyvalent sport court and a skate park.
The next day the Slovenian and Italian teams moved to Ljubljana for a study visit to the Government Office for Assistance to Migrants. The employees of the center showed the practice of first assistance to migrants and their integration, with a further presentation of the activities planned for minors. A very insightful moment about the procedures that Slovenian government follow with migrants.