Euromed Carrefour Sicilia
Euromed Carrefour Sicilia EuropeDirect

Euromed Carrefour Sicilia is a non profit organisation hosting a Europe Direct information centre, its principal aim is informing people of the region about European policies, giving in this way a contribution to the birth and/or consolidation of the sense of European citizenship in Sicily. Since our foundation, we have been implementing many regional, international and European projects. One of the principal target group of our activities are youngsters. Since 1999 our organisation has been hosting European volunteers, 25 till now, who always work actively in projects that have the aim to strengthen the sense of European citizenship among Sicilian youngsters, through the contact with different cultures in European Union, information concerning the role of European Union and the opportunities that EU offers to youngsters. In our projects we often work with private and public organisations.

We often organise seminars, info-days addressed to civil society and youngsters. Great attention we give to educational activities involving students (7-18 years old) about European Union, Fundamental Rights, European Citizenship, we’ve been carrying out this kind of activities for 15 years. We are now implementing a special project titled “Sicily Healthy Life” to promote good nutrition and physical activity among students of primary school. We also work with students of high school to stimulate active participation in a democratic society, interest in European topics. We often work with youngsters from difficult context so we know well how important is talking about education, learning, respect. As Europe Direct we organise seminars, conferences, info-days involving local community, private and public institutions; over the last year we organised semnars and conferences about migrations, involving stakeholders, social workers, private and public institutions, policymakers.