A.S.D. G. Verga

So.Net. Italia

A.S.D. Verga was founded in 1976 in Palermo as women basketball club, with the aim to promote basketball among young people, taking care of the human and technical-sport aspects of athletes. The organization has been member  of FIP (Italian Basketball Federation) and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and overall it’s a basket centre for youngsters. We work in schools and with schools to promote sport and basketball, we organize free lessons, training and sport camps for chidren and teenagers, playing in mini-basket team in regional and FIP championships. A.S.D. Verga is the most prestigious basketball club in Palermo, nowadays we play in women A2 league and, with the young team, we play in FIP  under 15/17 championship. Thanks to our work with youngsters, schools and families, many young Sicilian women can play in A league championships.

Main activities:

  • Training to coaches
  • Mini-basket courses in school, special target “risk areas”
  • Basket competitions at regional, national and communitarian level
  • Sport at schools

Social initiatives:

  • Seminars for schools about doping
  • “Un canestro per la vita” (a basket for life), sport and solidarity competition, in collaboration with Regional Centre for transplants in Sicily and Palermo Municipality
  • Sport events to promote legality and fight against any kind of mafia
  • CONI youngsters project: a sport-social-educational project headed for young people from 5 to 13 years old, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle, the activities were all free to support families facing economic problems.