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ASD Verga Palermo – Basket
ASD Baskin Palermo – Basket
Body Studio, Italy – gym
Associazione Dilettantistica Nuova
Pallacanestro Palermo
Aquila Monreale
Polisportiva Gonzaga
Associazione Palamangano
Associazione Borgo Ulivia
Associazione sportiva dilettantistica GF 23 Sport
ASD I Ciclopi Palermo – skating
FIKI – Football Club
SARAGIA – Football Club
AOT WOMEN – Football Club
ACADEMY 1 – Football Club
FOUDAS – Basket
BOYKALI/Lamia – Volley Ball
ACHILLEFS TRIKALON – Gymnastics & Trampoline
APS TRIKALA – Gymnastics
TRIKKI – Wrestling
APS TRIKALA – Wrestling
GS TRIKALON – Athletics
GEA – Athletics
Dept of Sport Science/Universtiy of Thessaly – Athletics
ASAT – Tennis
ASET – Swimming
SOAT – Taekwondo
Swimming Club Branik, Maribor
Sports center Ruše
University of Maribor, Department of Sport
The elementary  school “Borcev za severno mejo” Maribor
“Odnos” Society for the Development and Integration of Social Sciences and Cultures Ljubljana
Government Office for Migrants Ljubljana
Association for Sport of Persons with Disabilities of Slovenia – Paralympic Committee Ljubljana.

Solidarity Network survey’s results – Italy, Greek, Slovenia

Solidarity Network survey’s results – Italy, Greek, Slovenia    download>>

Solidarity network for migrants and refugees: a project towards integration through sport
A.S.D. Verga , Italy, – University of Thessaly, Greece; – Euromed Carrefour Sicilia, Italy; –  CEZAM Centre for Youth Ruše , Slovenia;


• The need for research and development of strategies that can help smoothing the acculturation process is high.
• Sport participation has long been considered an effective socializing agent, as it is among the few social activities that are globally recognized as a vehicle for bringing people, and in particular youth, together Eitzen & Sage,
• For sport to become an effective acculturation agent , it is important that refugees/migrants get access to and participate in sport along with members of the host community ( Brown et all, 1999). Across Europe, their participation in sport is very limited.
• The purpose of this project was to provide evidence regarding migrants/refugees’ participation in sports, identify the reasons preventing them from participating and develop appropriate strategies and
networks to facilitate their access to sport.

• A survey was conducted in three countries, Italy, Slovenia, and Greece.
• Participants were 324 young migrants and refugees (39.1% females) aged 6 to 18 (Mage = 12.65). Among them 74% were from Asia and 26% from Africa .

• 78,5% did not participate in sport, while 90,2% of them would like to.
• Top sports in their preferences were in total football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis/ karate.
• The reasons for not participating in sports were by large the lack of financial resources (44,81) and the lack of awareness about where they should seek sport participation
• 71% would participate in mixed gender teams.
• 41.3% reported their guardian could not pay any fee for participating in sport club.

• Migrants and refugees would like to participate in sport.
• They mostly need financial facilitation and some mediation to initiate contact and access to sport clubs.
• Initiatives are required to facilitate the efficient placement of migrants/refugees into the available network sport clubs.

• Development of sport clubs network in the 3 countries.
• Provision of over 150 positions free of club fee for young migrants/refugees to participate in sport in three countries.

• Extend youth sport clubs network within countries but also across Europe.
• Train youth sport coaches to introducing migrants/refugees into teams and developing skills and actions to exploit sport participation towards the goals of integration.

• Eitzen , D. S., & Sage, G. H. (2003). Sociology of North American sport (7thed.). New York: McGraw Hill.
• Brown, R., Vivian, J. & Hewstone , M. (1999 ). Changing attitudes through intergroup contact: The effects of group membership salience. European Journal of Social Psychology, 29, 741 764

Cinzia Costa, Giuseppe CorraoA.S.D. Verga , Italy
Konstantinia Filippou , Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Yannis TheodorakisUniversity of Thessaly, Greece
Carmela Liliana Caci
– Euromed Carrefour Sicilia, Italy
Lucijan Vihar – CEZAM Centre for Youth Ruše , Slovenia

Sport event

8 June 2019, Palermo, Sicily – Italy
Open event with youth centers, centers for migrants, sport organizations, clubs, volunteers and non profit organizations at “Parco della Salute

“Centro Astalli Palermo”

The “Centro Astalli Palermo”, is voluntary association that is part of the territorial network of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Italy.

The partners visited “Centro Astalli Palermo”, a center that offers a lot of services for migrants. The responsable who welcomed the partners explained and showed all the areas of the center with their services: legal assistance, breakfast, homework support after school, shower, washing machines, different levels of Italian courses; they have also a joiner’s and a tailor’s workshop and a collection center of clothes for the guests of the center. The facility hosts also a SPRAR, a welcoming center for asylum seekers.


Centro internazionale delle cultureUbuntu

The partners visited “Centro internazionale delle culture – Ubuntu”, an intecutural center where migrant children and families receive help. The Ubuntu association organize a kindergarden service for the families in the morning, for the young kids, and in the afternoon they help the older ones to make the homeworks and they organize some educative activities. With the support of private citizens or sellers the association can provide also breakfast and lunch service.