So.Net. Project

Erasmus sport

“So.Net. – Solidarity Network for sport and young migrants” is a project approved inside the Erasmus+ – Sport programme and it is cofinanced by European Commission. The project addresses the objective above and the European policy on Sport and migrants, because it wants to highlight the values inside sport, create communities of people working together for integration and inclusion of migrant minors, fighting against xenofhobia and racism, give the possibility to small sport organisations to share and promote their initiatives, good practices and ask for suggestions thanks to the network.

Sport and migrants

Sport has a great social and inclusive power, we see this everyday playing and working with youngsters in our territories, but we know that it’s not so easy for young migrants playing sports, especially sports expensive and they don’t know how to find organisations practicing programmes and activities for inclusion. We want to involve and promote the project through organisations, expert, professionals and volunteers, to create a good practices to exchange with other states in Europe, for this reason implementing a European project is necessary to compare situations, problems and good solutions, to share and discuss on a problem that, at this moment, concerns all the member states.

Objectives and activities

For this reason the project aims to create an easy access to sport for migrant minors (with family and unaccompanied), involving sport clubs and organization in joining local and European networks, to find common ways to involve migrant minors in their activities with special programmes, special or free costs.

The project involves 4 partners: A.S.D. Verga , the applicant organization, Euromed Carrefour Sicilia (Italy); University of Thessaly, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (Greece); Cezam centre for youth Ruše (Slovenia). To achieve our objectives we planned the following kind of activities: a survey to migrant minors to know their desires about sport, problems and obstacles; creation of a network of sport clubs available to start new strategies to involve migrant minors in their activities finding solution to problems concerning culture, society and economic condition.

Our website will promote the network in order to make visible and accessible the sport organisations members to migrant minors and their families.